How to configure the action for sending shared dashboards as pdf via email

Discussion created by Karin_Wasinger_8156 on May 4, 2017

The following description is an example.


- ) Before starting make sure you have in the UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS the following keys available:



- ) Execute the action "PCK.AUTOMIC_ANALYTICS.PUB.ACTION.ANALYTICS_CONFIGURATION" and set the connection rules for the Analytics Actions (AWI base url; Analytics backend url; Ignore SSL issue (normally only relevant for self-signed certificates); Analytics backend api; Default Agent and Default Login)


- ) Now share a dashboard as link.


- ) After these settings are done you can create a new job to test it. For this do add object type in the search field "ANA" and select from the given options the template "SEND_DASHBOARD Workflow".


- ) Execute the new created job. In the Request-Queue there should now be the prompt set open to fill out all necessary information like which dashboard you like to send, to whom you like to send it, etc. After submitting the information the shared dashboard will be send as pdf.

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