Automic Agent Installation

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on May 15, 2017
The installation of Windows agent was successful, but we expected to find a new service installed but couldn´t find one as far as he could see. (we didn´t know which one to look for). None named UC*-something or Automic-something.

1 - What do we miss here?

2 - We didn´t edit the .ini file to add PAUTOMIC, Licence-class and ip for the AE-server in this case. But still, shouldn´t there be a new service?

3 - Do we need to install the service manager too?

4 - Anyway, we wanted to contact you to get a correct installation medium and ask for a detailed installation description, step-by-step preferably.
1 - The agent needs to be started after it was installed. The installation will only copy files locally, but not start the agent.

Reason for this is that its settings must be adjusted as explained below.

2 - The following parameters need to be adjusted before starting an agent:

[GLOBAL]name=Name of the agent. If you leave in empty, the hostname will be used.
[GLOBAL]system=name of the Automation Engine the agent connects to.
[GLOBAL]licenceclass=The license class used by the agent. You need to ensure there is an available license for this agent in the class you set here.
[TCP/IP]port=The port used by the agent. Default value is 2300. You need to ensure that no other process uses this port, otherwise you need to assign another one.
[TCP/IP]cp=The IP / hostname of the Automation Engine server + port number of an available CP (Communication Process). The agent will need this information to connect to the server.

3 - You do not need to install the Service Manager, the agent may be started simply by launching the process. When using a 64 bit Windows agent, the process is named 'UCXJWI6.EXE'. The list of program names can be found here :

Yet we recommend to install a Service Manager as it will allow you to easily start agents from the System Overview, or query the status of the process.

4 - Installation guide for Windows Agent can be found here in the documentation :


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