Transport case file structure question — O record followed immediately by F record

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on May 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by Michael_Lowry
Today I came across something that I had theretofore never seen in a transport case unload file: an O record followed immediately by F record. It seems that the TOH record marking the beginning of records for a new object is missing. Here is an excerpt:
16367 TOH
16368 F001+00100
16369 F002CDOCU
16370 F003CUC0.UAT.TEST#1_1.DOCU
16371 F004+0003916132
16372 F006+0001107131
16373 F00720170418094936
16374 F008+0001107131
16375 F00920170418094936
16376 F010+0000000001
16377 F019001
16378 F041M000000072^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00^K00
16379 F049+0000000154
16380 F063C00000000000000000000000000000000
16381 F072C11.2
16382 R
16384 F001+00100
16385 F002CCALL
16386 F003CUC0.ITE.TEST#1_1.CALL
16387 F004+0003324899
16388 F006+0001107131
16389 F00720160622054022
16390 F008+0003425117
16391 F00920170502120727
16392 F010+0000000017
16393 F019001
16394 F022+00001
16395 F030C000000
Line 16383 is the last record of a DOCU object, and line 16384 is the first record of a CALL object. As I understand the transport case file format, there is always a TOH record marking the beginning of a new object. This file was produced by ucybdbun version 11.2.3+build.416. The DB Load program does not complain when I tried to load this file into another system.

Is this a bug, or is my understanding of the file format incomplete?

The preceding object is a DOCU object with no content. As such, in the transport case file, it consists only of fields for the OH table. This sort of thing has apparently never come up in our environment before, or I would have seen it. Perhaps in this situation, one can assume that the succeeding group of F records (after the O record) also belongs to the OH table. (Since record 16384 starts over at F001, it’s pretty obvious that this is the start of a new object.)

Thanks in advance for any light anyone can shed on this.