Passing Variables from ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT to TOP flow

Discussion created by PJansen630014 on May 18, 2017
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In a flow I build in a script which executes another flow/object with ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT() with the PASS_VALUE parameter and the option "Parameter evaluation at runtime generation" checked.
The workflow has the "Generate at runtime" checked.

  1. In ADP_GET_PARAM..  
    Here variables are SET and PUBLISH,,"TOP".
  2. In ADP_START_WF..
    Here some variables PUBLISH-ed in the previous step are overwritten (and PUBLISH-ed) again.
    Also new variables are SET and PUBLISH,,"TOP" here.
In ADP_FINISH_WF..     I need both the variables which are (re-)PUBLISH-ed in both previous objects.

For example
:   PSET &VAR1#="VARA one"
:   PSET &VAR2#="VARA two"
:   PSET &VAR3#=""
:   PSET &VAR6#="VARA six"
:   PSET &VAR7#="VARA seven"
:   PSET &VAR3#="VARA three"

If I look at the variables in ADP_FINISH_WF.. I see only;
   &VAR1#="VARA one"
   &VAR2#="VARA two"
So it seems the varaibles which are set in de executed flow/object with ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT() doesn't pass the new/changed values back to the top-flow

Is there somethin I do wrong, or is it just not possible to give the varables back to the top-flow.
Main question is .. How can I pass the variables set in ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT() back to the TOP-flow 

Thanks in advance.