Ordering of Deployment Targets(multi region) During Deployment for a Workflow

Discussion created by monica_kumar_automic on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2017 by robert_thullner_automic

I have one package to install to six targets two in each region.  I want to deploy to the first target in the first region with the state OFF.  Basically override the default state property for that target.  Then do the same for the next region then the next region.  Then I want to return to the first region and deploy to the second target in that region but setting the state to ON. Repeat for the remaining two target. Finally perform checks and issue a further command to switch all the OFF state targets to ON.

In essence the workflow looks like this:


Deploy to host asia 1 switched off

Deploy to host Europe 1 switched off

Deploy to host US 1 switched off

Deploy to host asia 2 switched on

Deploy to host Europe 2 switched on

Deploy to host US 2 switched on

Check all deployments were successful

Switch on asia 1

Switch on Europe 1

Switch on US 1

Check all state changes were successful