Using an UC4 SAP agent on a SAP system with multiple application servers?

Discussion created by Carsten_Schmitz on May 22, 2017
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To start of with: I have absolutely not the slightest clue about SAP. I will try to stay clear of SAP terminology as much as possible in the question below, apologies if I get it wrong anyway :)

Our SAP folks ask me how (or if) the Automic UC4 SAP agent works with SAP installations that are spread across multiple application servers.

I googled the SAP part and could not find one definite method, but apparently it is standard practice in SAP circles to spread one SAP system among multiple physical servers in order to distribute system load. In such a scenario, there is one "master" server (possibly called "dispatcher"), and SAP jobs (i.e. jobs in SAP itself) are distributed among the available application servers. Apparently, even some "SAP installer" allows setting SAP up this way.

I assumed that because the SAP agent uses the RFC mechanism, the SAP job distribution would be transparent to the UC4 agent, too, but possibly that's not so: Automic already responded by saying that I need one agent per application server (which would, if so, eliminate any benefit of the SAP-built-in load balancing). And possibly contrary to that, there is a selection in the UC4 connection objects for SAP, where you can select between "Specific Application Server" and "Balanced/Group". However, our SAP people wouldn't conclusively know what to enter into the subsequent form fields, e.g. wondering whethet the UC4 connection objects "Group" is identical to a SAP "Login Group", or something else entirely.

Long story short: Anyone ever setup an UC4 SAP agent to work across multiple application servers, and if so, how?