Pete Wirfs

SQL to find different types of external predecessors

Discussion created by Pete Wirfs on May 22, 2017
Just wanted to share a SQL I used last week to find all external predecessors that still use the "same logical date" feature.  (type=3).   We've decided to stop using this feature, because it caused us some headaches during a power crisis last week when some of our objects were not recovered until we were already into the next "logical date". (We were down for 6 hours... something you never expect to happen.)

  select oh_name as workflow
       , jpp_lnr as workflow_order
       , jpp_object as Predecessor
       --, jpp.* 
  from jpp, oh
  where jpp_oh_idnr = oh_idnr
  and jpp_otype = '<XTRNL>'
  and JPP_ExtSLTType = 3
  order by 1, 2;