How to design calendar keywords for accelerated workdays?

Discussion created by Melvin_Macapinlac_9304 on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Pete Wirfs

Calendar keywords for workdays (e.g. WD01, WD02, ... WD15) need to be created. However, this should consider business accelerated workdays. These are special Saturdays that are considered as "workdays".

I know that there's some sort of a standard in creating calendar keywords for the normal workdays referenced here:'d like to know how one can consider the accelerated workdays.

Here's a sample scenario:

For January 2017, January 7 and January 14 are accelerated workdays. January 2 is a holiday. Below are the workdays for the month of January:

WD01 - Jan 3

WD02 - Jan 4

WD03 - Jan 5

WD04 - Jan 6

WD05 - Jan 7 (Saturday)

WD06 - Jan 9

WD07 - Jan 10 ...

WD11 - Jan 14 ...

WD 17 - Jan 23

How would you setup such a scenario? Appreciate the help. Thanks!