How to Integration AWA with LDAP(MS AD) only for authentication and sync only for selected user

Discussion created by IndikaPeiris611408 on May 31, 2017
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Dear Community,

I have integrated AWA with AD for user authentication and the users can login with the domain account successfully.
I have no plan to sync the USERS/GROUPS from the AD hence not using the "LDAP.Sync" tool provided.

However I wanted to retrieve the User first Name , Last name and the email address for the given users in AWA by clicking the button "Synchronize" as below ( as it not a free text when the user is LDAP ).

I tried modifying my LDAP connection variable ( changing 'AUTHENTICATION_METHOD', 'DOMAIN_ALIAS', 'SYNC_LOGIN', 'USE_DISTINGUISHED_NAME' ) but could not figured out the correct combination yet.

Appreciate if someone help me with the correct config?