SAP agent on unix/linux: permissions and ownership of spool file created by R3_GET_JOB_SPOOL

Discussion created by Dat_Nguyen-Tat_9196 on Jun 16, 2017
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Hi Community, 

We are using AE 11 and we need to change or (at least) configure the operating system user id which is used to save SAP spool files created by the command "R3_GET_JOB_SPOOL". Currently the SAP agent is started under the root account because the UC4.ServiceManager uses the same userID. 

1) Would it work if we create a new user, i.e. "automic" and start the SAP agent under this account (properties configuration of the ServiceManager)? 
2) Are there any side-effects we have to consider - like access to SAP libraries, java environment, etc? 
3) Will the normal execution of SAP jobs be affected by this change?