AWA 12.0.1-HF5 , "Ignore Sync Conditions" action does not start the job which is 'Waiting For SYNC".

Discussion created by IndikaPeiris611408 on Jun 19, 2017
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Dear Community,

I'm using AWA 12.0.1-HF5 and try to use "Ignore Sync Conditions" operation on a job which is waiting for SYNC ("Waiting For SYNC" status).

Expected behaviour of "Ignore Sync Conditions" Action:

For some reason, it does not work as expected and below is the sample I created to simulate the issue.

I'm running five jobs at the same time which uses the same sync object and then I make "Ignore Sync Conditions" for one of the job which is waiting for the SYNC object to be free-up.
In the activation log of the job that I did the "Ignore Sync Conditions" , i see the entry about "Ignore SYNC" but it still wait for the Sync object to be free and also wait for it's FIFO time ( tried even changing the priority no luck ).

Any idea why? Given below are the screenshots from  SYNC and JOB configs and the run time...May be i'm doing something wrong ... 

SYNC Object conf:

Job config:


At run-time: