Calling EXEC from SQL JOB ends with ora-00900: invalid sql statement

Discussion created by MarcoTizzoni604411 on Jun 20, 2017
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Hi everybody,
this is my first post and I am quite new to the tool so I apologize in advance if this is trivial but I could not find any solution to the following.

I have SQL JOB connecting to an Oracle DB. The job process tab is configured to call a custom function, something like:
exec mypackage.func(1)
The job execution is aborted with the following error:
ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement
If I replace the EXEC with a SELECT statement it works fine, I guess the JOB configuration is fine.
If I copy paste the EXEC statement to a sqlplus window (same user) it works.

Any clue on what is going on?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,