Calendar Expiry Notifications

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Jun 21, 2017
1 - Please let us know the significance of Value 1,Value2, Value 3 and so on…..for both CALE_WARN_NOTIFICATION and CALE_WARN_LEVEL keys.

2 - Where should I put the calendar name? Can we use one key for multiple calendars?

1 - In system variables likeUC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS,UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS,UC_EX_HOSTCHAR, etc. Only the 'Key' and 'Value1' columns should be used. In which case you only need to enter something in 'Value1' column.

  • CALE_WARN_NOTIFICATION: Create a notification object that will be sent if calendar keywords expire, then enter its name in the Value1 column.
  • CALE_WARN_LEVEL: Just type in the number of days prior to the keywords' expiration that a notification should be sent - e.g. '1' = the day before, '7'= 1 week before, etc.

2 - There is no need to enter the calendar name, rules apply to all calendars in the client.

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