Oracle EBS Workflows - Will each program in WF be attached to Responsibility Request Group?

Discussion created by Prashant_Gupta_9370 on Jun 22, 2017
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Hi All,

We are using ONE Automation 2015 for scheduling our Oracle EBS jobs. I have tried importing a request set (from oracle applications) using System overview --> Agents --> edit <my host> --> Oracle E-Business Suit --> create workflow. While trying to run this WF, the jobs are running into Error saying "no matching responsibility found".
The whole Request Set is already attached to the responsibilities request group, will each program in the set have to be attached to the request group? If so, won't this cause a security concern in core Oracle Apps?
I tried attaching each program to the request group, and the WF completed successfully. Request your help in understanding if there is any other way of configuring these request sets?