How to facilitate multi-server operation

Discussion created by Malik_Abdul_8942 on Jun 22, 2017


As part of creating dedicated infrastructure, we are in the process to move automation engine from AIX to LINUX host. We have the server processes installed on AIX machine and the automation engine installed on LINUX machine. While starting first WP, it runs for few seconds and aborted automatically without spitting any error.


As discovered, the computers on which the server processes are installed must be of the same platform in order to facilitate multi-server operation (e.g. 2 computers with HP/UX). A combination of computers with different UNIX derivatives or a mixture of UNIX and Windows cannot be used. AIX and LINUX have different processing systems and cannot communicate to each other. You will need to clone the database, then take the AIX down and bring the LINUX up. Additionally, you need to plan on production outages.