Stopping jobs on the Automation Engine for a maintenance period.

Discussion created by Joseph_Corbin_7226 on Jun 22, 2017
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There has been an inquiry on  how to stop jobs on the Automation Engine during a maintenance period.


In order to stop the running of jobs in the Automation Engine one can stop the client queue.

Queue objects cannot be executed. You can, however, stop and start them.


When stopping aqueue, workflows and schedules change theirstatetoSTOP - Queue processing has been stopped. This does not affect any other active tasks, though; any other objects that are activated in a stopped queue obtain theWaiting for queue slotstatus. If you then start the queue again, the tasks that were in a "waiting" state can also start.


You start/stop a queue  both from the Administration and from the Process Monitoring perspectives:

Please refer to the Starting, Stopping and Modifying Queues documentation for more details.