PSA: JOBFs stuck in "Connecting"

Discussion created by Carsten_Schmitz on Jun 26, 2017
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Say you have two JOBF inside a JOBP. Now assume the first JOBF takes a file off of server #1, and puts it onto server #2. The second JOBF takes the same file off of server #2, and puts it on server #3 (I'm not saying this is overly useful, I'm just saying  that I found myself debugging this exact scenario).

You might then find the second JOBF occasionally getting stuck in a state called "Connecting". It will be stuck until the end of time (or until a power outage occurs, whatever happens first). You may also notice that when this happens, the agent logs show that the connection to the first server is terminated AFTER the second JOBF has already begun its file transfer.

This appears especially likely to happen if your first JOBF is a high latency connection, for us the first JOBF in the chain was a network link to Germany from Russia (where even the railroad track width changes somewhere mid-route, so I imagine TCP handovers are an equally time-consuming affair ;)

The problem goes away once you introduce an artificial delay of sufficient amount in between the two JOBF - in my case, a "Generate at Runtime" Automic Script with a ":wait 3" was enough to make the problem disappear.

So if you chain JOBFs - don't. But if you absolutely have to, put some extra delay in there.

p.s. this is with 10.0.3 core and 10.0.8 agents. Your mileage may vary.