Need to set the job dependency between JOBPs (Workflows) in Automic

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Below is the information about the two JOBPs we have in Automic. Please also have look at attached docs.






1.JOBP A contains two tasks (JOBS), one is UNIX FILE WATCHER shell script and  INFORMATICA JOB

2.If first task UNIX FILE WATCHER succeeded then second task INFORMATICA JOB will execute


3.JOB A is  recursive and it will be executed on file arrival . We don’t know how may files arrive per day and JOB A should be executed  on each file arrival.( If there are 10 files coming in a day then JOB A has to execute for 10 times).I made it as recursive by selecting Execute---> Recursive


4. Time window to  execute the JOB A is 24 hours i.e through out the day 






  1. JOB B is having just informatica task(JOBS). It will run daily at 7PM(One run per day)

  2. Time window for JOB B is 7PM




Need a solution  to set the below JOB dependency.




  1. If JOB A is still running at 7PM , JOB B should wait until JOB A get completed . Once JOB A get completed then only JOB B should start

  2. If JOB B is running then JOB A  should not start though there is a file arrival . JOB A should wait until JOB B get completed .




Both JOB A and JOB B should not run in parallel.




How can I design the above job dependency in Automic ?