Jobs Runtime statistics last 2 months

Discussion created by Dat_Nguyen-Tat_9196 on Jun 30, 2017

+ Automation Engine 10
+ We are in need to generate RunTime statistics for all the jobs in a particular chain for 2 months, As of now we are manually generating the statistics from UC4. 

You can use our AE DB Reporting Tool 
Step to do that:
1/ Create new query .xml file: 
+ Start our GUI tools ( java -jar ucyrepg.jar )
+ Change options as needed and Finish 
+ Check "queries" folder in your Utility folder for your query .xml file

2/ Run the report base on the query file and get the report .html file 
UCYBDBRT -Xquery file [-Cclient -IINI file-Llanguage -Rreference date -S-Ooutput file-Tfile type]