Stop client at the end of workflow and restart remoe servers.

Discussion created by Ramanujam_Paravastu_6362 on Jun 30, 2017
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I have a batch that runs every night.  I would like to implement the following:
At the end of the batch, I would like to check the current day if it is a Second Tuesday of the month, if yes, stop the client.
After stopping the client, execute a shell script (that I currently have, and manually execute) as root user on different hosts and do a clean shutdown of services and applications and reboot the respective hosts.

As part of my testing in DEV, I have done the following:

I have a script object which has the following code in the process tab:

That script object is in a workflow called STOP_CLIENT .  When the workflow STOP_CLIENT is executed manually works fine.  When I set this STOP_CLIENT as last object, as part of the 10th workflow in the batch, the STOP_CLIENT (though it is last object in the 10th workflow) gets executed first and the 10th workflow does not completely gets executed.  When I bring up the client, the rest of the jobs in the 10th workflow gets executed. 

I would like to get some help from experts, if there is a better way and a simple way of implementing the idea.

Kindly share your thoughts.  I can share my screenshots and relevant code to help out understand what I said, if there is a way I can upload the objects and scripts in this discussion.