How to get Automation Engine job results via Webservice, API or other option

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It is very important four our BI analysts to know the readiness of our data after a night cycle. In production, we use 2 different clients because we suppport 2 compagnies. Each of these clients support multiple system, so it is important for our end users to be able to esily identify the state of every data sources they use. 

We would like to create a Dashboard based on ONE Automation job results, so I Wonder if there is any API or web services we can use to easily extract this information. We would like to avoid extracting the data directly from the database, so could you guide us with the proper way to do it. Alsom we are open to any alternative, as long as our goal is reached. 

We plan to use SAS Visual Analytics to create the dashboard, but we are hoping to extract the data in our Oracle Operational Data Store (ODS) via ETL 

Thanks in advance.

Our Answer

To get information (not just job result) from our Automation Engine, you can try some options as below:

Option 1: AE DB Reporting Tools

Step to do that:
1/ Create new query .xml file: 
+ Start our GUI tools ( java -jar ucyrepg.jar )
+ Change options as needed and Finish 
+ Check "queries" folder in your Utility folder for your query .xml file

2/ Run the report base on the query file and get the report .html file 
UCYBDBRT -Xquery file [-Cclient -IINI file-Llanguage -Rreference date -S-Ooutput file-Tfile type]

=> You can schedule a bat script that get the report (.csv or .html format) with the information you are looking for (define in the queries .xml file)

Option 2: ApplicationInterface

The ApplicationInterface is available for Java and .NET programming languages.

The interface comprises hundreds of classes and methods which can be used to call many of the UserInterface's functions such as creating and editing objects, accessing statistical records, accessing the System Overview, reading reports, starting tasks, etc. All actions are kept for the Revision Reports and can be listed using the utility AE Revision.


Option 3: CallAPI 

You can use this option to login to the AE system and get the information via AE Script 

Reference AE Script:

Other option:
If you upgrade your Automation Engine 12, you can create your own job monitor Dashboard via our Analytics tools:

FYI: We also have a web service - Internal Webservice
To see what operations our webservice can do in Automation Engine 11.2 please check the link as below