External Dependencies

Discussion created by IanFindon611036 on Jul 4, 2017
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Hi all,

Help required ... I need to configure an external dependency as below ...

Workflow A (contains a single job) is part of a major process workflow (+20 linked workflows) which executes 7 days a week starting at 18:30. WF A is configured with line dependencies within the major process workflow and with an earliest start time of +1 day @ 00:50. WF A's activation time is same time as main process 18:30, although looking at stats the job within activates at the configured earliest start time of WF A.

On a Sunday morning (this would mean WF A's Saturday evening activation) it requires an external dependency on Workflow X which is not part of the same major process.

WF X is part of another main process albeit a smaller one (5 WF's) which activates at 00:30 although WF X has an earliest start time of 04:00 (Sunday am)

I can add WF X as an XTRNL object on WF A but I am a little confused as to what I should configure the XTRNL task properties with the activation times spanning midnight ...

"Only valid when activated with same logical date" or "lead time satisfaction" ...


Or should I consider configuring the XTRNL on the job within WF A with "Only valid etc", as the activation day would be the same (Sunday)

Can anyone offer any assistance\advice on this - it would be really appreciated (yes, I've read help but I'm still confused).

Thanks in advance, Ian.