How to distinguish a static VARA from a dynamic one?

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Jul 6, 2017
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Is there a straightforward way to distinguish, using AE scripting, a static VARA from a dynamic one?

If one tries to read column 6 or greater from a static VARA object, the following error will result.

:SET &Value# = GET_VAR(&Ref_VARA_Name#,&Row#,&Counter#)
Resulting error:
U00020331 Runtime error in object 'UC0.GET_VAR_READ_ROW.JOBI', line '00011': U00020272 An invalid column (0006) has been specified for reading from VARA object 'UC0.TEST1.VARA_STATIC'.
However, column numbers greater than 5 work fine for dynamic VARA objects, e.g., SEC SQLI VARA objects.