AWA, NonStop Server (NWP) , Is it true to say that only the WPs of one computer are active?

Discussion created by IndikaPeiris611408 on Jul 9, 2017
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Dear Community,

Is it true that only the WPs of one computer are active in a given AE syatem ( even when we have 5 node farm of servers)? Will the WP(s) of all other nodes be in nWP(s)?

I’m confused with this instruction on the documentation regarding NonStop Server operation (NWP).  Can someone already used the feature explain this with little more details.


Can we ever run 4  nodes AE system where  two AE nodes are operates as normal mode [ all WP(s) on both nodes are active] and the other two nodes are operating as NonStop Server [ all WP(s) on both nodes are NWP mode] . So the any of the AE node with normal operation failed , one of the NonStop Server Nodes WP(s) will comes active?