Passing promptset Date to another promptset

Discussion created by Marshall_Washburn_2144 on Jul 12, 2017
I currently have a workflow with a date and number promptset. I want to make this a subflow as a collection of flows that all accept the same date. But when I try and put a (different) prompt set on the parent workflow, and then pass its date to the subflows, I get the follow error:
Error in object 'JOBP.<name>' (RunID '0002817967') prompt 'PRPT.<Name>': Input '07/12/2017' for Calendar 'CALE.COMMON', scope 'WEEKDAYS' is not valid.

I'm not using any future dates at all, just selection a date to run from the parent promptset and expecting it to be passed into each subflows prompts set via Task properties. AFAIK, the formats are the same. I want all dates to be in YYYYMMDD, but I've even tried creating the parent's output as MM/DD/YYYY as that seems to be the default format in my Automation Engine.