Questions about ONE Automation v10 on Linux

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Jul 18, 2017
We are running ONE Automation 2013 (v10) on RHEL Linux 5.6. Our Admin team need to upgrade the OS to RHEL Linux 7.2. I need to ask you 2 questions:

1-     Does ONE Automation 2013 (v10) supports RHEL Linux 7.2? if not, then what is the highest version of RHEL Linux it supports?

2-     When is the end of support for ONE Automation 2013 (v10)?

1 - You may use the Compatibility Matrix for any compatibility questions :



If there is no more precision about 7.1, 7.2, etc. I would assume compatibility with the major version 7 also involves minor versions.

2 - You will this information on the Component Support Lifecycle page:


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