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Discussion created by Dat_Nguyen-Tat_9196 on Jul 20, 2017
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I would like to know, how to retrieve batch's start time, end time and runtime in an email. I tried adding predefined variables in pre-process and post-process tab of job. But that doesn't work. It popped out like "OPERATOR can only be allowed in NOTIFICATION object". 

Requirement: When a job start from Uc4, an email should be sent embedding its BATCH_NAME, START_TIME along with DATE. Likewise, when a job ends, an email should be sent with mail body having BATCH_NAME, START_TIME, END_TIME and RUNTIME along with DATE. Mail Subject - BATCH STATUS.

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You can create a NOTIFICATION Object and activate it in Pre-process and Post-procest tab by ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT function:

:SET &ACTOBJ# = ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT("your notification object name",,,,,PASS_VALUES)

If you want to send email from AE system, you need to configure the UC_CLIENT_SETTING, please check the reference links for more detail.

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