High & low load ApplicationInterface API requests

Discussion created by joel_wiesmann_automic on Jul 20, 2017

Hi all

Has anyone ever seen a recommendation on what XMLRequests should be prevented or used with care?

Referring to the documentation it says that search requests should be executed carefully and in case of status gathering there should be a wait between the polling cycles. Now considering the above I might still do a recursive ChildStatistics Request on a huge workflow with several hundred activations - but I think it won't be good for the system.

I'm asking because sometimes there is more than one kind of request capable of doing the same - 1000x GetObjectProperties on objectname "OBJECT" was executed slower than 1000x QuickSearches (+filtering for exact objectname). So in case I want to check if an object is there I might go for the quicksearch request instead if GetObjectProperties - but is it really using less ressources or is the benefit barely noticeable? How do I measure the load caused by such a request?