ECC/AWI shows blank/greyed out upon login

Discussion created by Spencer_Cockrell_39 on Jul 20, 2017
We've received this question a couple of times now, so I wanted to make a quick post to hopefully help anyone running into similar issues. When logging into the AWI, a screen like below is observed:

Nothing can be selected or navigated through in this situation. The first thing to check is your User's (or UserGroup's) Privileges. You can do this by editing the User/UserGroup(s) in question and going to their 'Privileges' section:


These are required to view/navigate objects from within the ECC/AWI. When none of these privileges are enabled, the result is the above screen upon login to the ECC/AWI. Once these are added, the relevant sections should become visible (you may need to log out/log back in for the changes to take effect).