Docker Stack Provider

Discussion created by Automic_Community_5543 on Jul 20, 2017

The Docker Stack Provider for Automic Release Automation V12 provides seamless provisioning of multi-instance application stacks by mapping Stack Templates (Docker Images) to ARA Deployment Targets.

The ARA Environment Blueprint Provisioning feature is part of the ARA Self Services product bundle. Please contact us for more information.

ARA allows to provide connection and configuration details to Docker through an intuitive interface that maps Docker images from public or private repositories to a deployment target type.

To use this functionality, you just need to define an environment or a new deployment target to deploy a new application as usual. ARA will notice that the deployment target is in fact on Docker, and some definitions, like attributes, will be automatically defined. Environments and deployment targets can be defined at will using the user interface or by using YAML blueprint files, and deploy to them without having to rely on provision workflows and associated actions to make this work.

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