PRPT object change not propagated to Workflows

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Jul 25, 2017
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I have a couple of workflows which use a PRPT object, i.e. the PRPT object is added to the workflow using the Variables & Prompts tab.
Whenever I update a field variable in the PRPT object the Workflows see the old value. To make the Workflows to see the updated value I need to edit the Workflow, remove the PRPT object, save the Workflow, add the PRPT object and save it again.

Say there is a Workflow A which uses a PRPT B.
PRPT B has a text field linked to a variable &TEST# with a default value of "test".

1. I edit the Workflows A and add the PRPT object B to it and save it releasing any lock.
2. I edit the PRPT object B and change the default value for &TEST# to "someother" and save it :

3. I run the Workflow A and it sees "test" as the value of &TEST#. In edit mode it's the same.

The same behaviour is shown if the label or the variable name is changed.

A - Is this the intended use?
B - Is there a way to have the workflows see the updated values in the PRPT object without editing them?

A - This is by design. Modifications of field values of a promptset will not reflect on objects where it's being used. If it would then it would have a negative impact if the same promptset was used in different objects with different default values. Therefore values need to be adjusted in objects in which the promptset is being used.

B - There is no alternate "out-of-the-box" way of doing that, that I would know of. We usually recommend to use DB change utility to perform a mass update of objects, but the Promptset attributes of a task may not be affected by this program.
Maybe other users have suggestions ?

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