Import specific application and all packages to different client

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We have a client 100 and all the modification are performed in this client for a project. Once the modification is completed for a project, the application will be handed over to project for other modifications. There are chances that they can modify the packages according to their requirements. Since there are multiple projects any modification to the package will impact to other projects. So we will have to have different client created for every projects. Please let us know on the following: 

1. Create a new client. 
2. Import all the packages from client 100 to new client 
3. Import respective application completely to new client 
4. All the agents of respective to projects to be accessible in new client 
5. Is it possible to provide admin access only to the client? 
6. Can we restrict the number agent license to a client? 

==> we can have multiple instance of ARA running but it has to be in difference client and difference ARA database as well. (each client need one ARA database)
so you can definitely import the current application to the new client  

Agent you can assign to each client with your customize (eg: Agent available for client 100 but not available for client 200 )

The admin access you can allow or disallow depend on your need, and it can be done via AWI

The license related to Automation Engine, no not applicable for a specific client.