Just how exactly are the files in the agents "temp" directory handled?

Discussion created by Carsten_Schmitz on Jul 31, 2017
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Quick question to those with possibly inside knowledge:

The Agent has a "temp" directory. It contains, as far as I know, among other things reports which are above the limit to go into the database, and .sts files, which I assumed means "status" and seem to be used for the resuming of JOBF.

I wonder specificially though how those files are cleaned. For instance, if a JOBF aborts but nobody ever resarts it: Does the agent clean up the old .sts file after a while, or would an unchecked agent temp directory grow indefinetly?

I ask this specificially because we have Windows servers where JOBF could not be restarted (roughly three weeks after it failed) because it was lacking the .sts file. I am unable to tell thus far whether this is explainable behaviour due to some cleanup process by Automic, or one of the many other people with admin access to that server messing with "my" files :)