Script to STOP and START a client using scripts

Discussion created by Ramanujam_Paravastu_6362 on Aug 2, 2017
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We are using AE 12.0.1 version, recently migrated from
I am in the process of setting up features for maintenance activities.
In the DEV environment I need to STOP and START a client for maintenance reasons.  
I have created script objects in which I have the following lines of code respectively for STOP and START objects as per AWA version 12.0 documentation:

STOP script object has:


START script object has:


The STOP script works fine with no issues.  The client is stopped.  The STOP script also works via API calls as well with no issues.

The START script does not work by executing manually. 

I have tried using API Calls to activate the START script but of no use.

I have to go into System Overview and start the client.

Is there any other way  that I can start the client using scripts.

Please guide me.