How to pass Array variables to a Prompt from a script.

Discussion created by Arunendu_Ghosal_8994 on Aug 4, 2017
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Hello Team,

We have a script(OUTAGE_SCRIPT) via which we currently control the Queue(Hold/Release).  The script is executed manually by a user by providing input to the required fields. The script has a prompt set in which one of the variable is set as an array variable.

Now, I am trying to fed value to this prompt set from another script(TRIGGER_SCRIPT) by using the below command. The values has been defined in the variables & prompts tab. 


But I am getting an error when the OUTAGE_SCRIPT is being triggered from TRIGGER_SCRIPT saying that "Invalid value.".

This problem seems to be due to the fact that I am not passing an array variable from the TRIGER_SCRIPT whereas in  the OUTAGE_SCRIPT the variable is an outage variable.

Is there a way to pass array variables from the TRIGER_SCRIPT??