Automic Agents and Agent Groups Management

Discussion created by Automic_Community_5543 on Aug 22, 2017

This plugin allows you to manage AE Agents and AgentGroups.

You can start/stop/delete/Disconnect agents, renew the keys and set the Agents Clients' Authorizations.

You can also create and configure AgentGroups, adding and removing Agents.

This action pack can be really useful if you are working  on virtual environments (Vmware/Hyper-V/…) or Amazon Webservices AutoScale groups, where machines can be recreated or migrated dynamically with no further notice.

More specifically, the start/stop and renew key, will help you to reactivate/retrieve lost Agents when the Agents' hosts configurations have been changed behind the scene by the Hypervisor.

You can also manage AgentGroups that map AWS Autoscale groups by adding and removing targets on the fly.

Pre requisites :

all actions are based on the (excellent) Java Cli API, and as a result need to be executed on a Windows or a Unix Agent running on a host with a JRE. More information on the Automic AE CLI here :

You will find 2 sample workflows in the template folder of the Action Pack

  • A typical Agent Key renewal (Stop/Renew key/Start)
  • A typical Agentgroup creation and configuration (Create/configure/add Agent)

Tested on Windows 2012 R2 and Debian 8.

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