automatically starting Agents via SMGR

Discussion created by Christian_Boeck_57 on Aug 23, 2017
Question from customer:
We would like to register windows agent as a service so agent can be started after vm restart. 
I have install the service manager and UC4 service is running. However, it does not start the windows agent when service is running. Any idea?

You can 
1.) define the automatic start over the GUI of the SMGR dialog or

2.) Every Automic Service Manager contains a .smd file and a .smc file. 
The smd file contains the list of components you want to start (Work processes + Agents) 
The smc file tells you if a service will be startet automatically. 
For example my WIN01 Agent looks like this in the smc file: 

without automatic start: 
!AIT 5 
!REATE win01 

with automatic start: 
CREATE win01 

That means after the start of the ServiceManager it will go through the whole .smc file and if there is a WAIT command it will wait and start the process.