Look up the details of the job that wrote a particular log file (v2)

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Aug 25, 2017
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Here is an updated version of the workflow for looking up the details of the job that wrote a log file that I first published in March 2016. Here is a list of changes:
  • No longer limited to jobs in the particular AE system in which this workflow is run. If you set up connection objects for each of the AE systems’ databases, you can run this workflow in any AE system, and it can pull the necessary info from another system if necessary.
  • No longer dependent on SQL VARAs. Instead, the workflow now uses the approach I described earlier today for creating anEXEC VARA wrapper around an SQL job.
  • A greatly simplified SQL query eliminates the costly AH subquery and, and simply looks up job details based on the run ID returned by converting the base-26 alphanumeric job ID to the decimal equivalent usingALPHA2RUNNR.
You’ll have to make a few preliminary configuration changes to adapt the batch to your environment:
  1. Update UC0.MAL.TOOLS.LJDFLF.UC4_SYSTEMS.VARA_STATIC so that it contains a list of your AE systems.
  2. Update the pre-process of both SQL jobs so that they set the connection object name appropriately for your environment.
  3. Make sure that the referenced connection object(s) exist and work correctly. These connection objects should be able to read (SELECT) from your respective AE system(s)’ DB(s). There should be one connection object for each AE system you defined in the static VARA.

Update 2017.08.26: I updated the workflow to use a greatly simplified SQL query.