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Having problems trying to use the &UC_JOBMD CMD= "command".

In a UC4 Unix job I have the following command:

&UC_JOBMD CMD="sshpass -p &PW# ssh &UI#@hostname"

Where &PW# is a password and &UI# is a userid entered via a promptset.

On execution, the job returns the following error:

sshpass: Failed to run command: No such file or directory

I have confirmed the command works directly from the command line on the host the job is executing.

I thought using the &UC_JOBMD CMD, you could execute any unix/linux command.  Is that correct?  Assuming that is true, I don't understand the error message unless it's looking for a .sh file.  But looking at the examples on the community and in the documentation, that doesn't see to be a requirement.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.