Started Tasks in Mainframe (z/OS) system - how to make dependencies.

Discussion created by Spencer_Cockrell_39 on Aug 28, 2017
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This is a post on behalf of a customer - any insight would be greatly appreciated! Please see below:

-We have started task in Mainframe Z/OS system is executing every day at Midnight. Once this started task completed, we need to execute one of the mainframe job in UC4 SYSTEM. 

-SMFDUMP job runs at 12:01 AM EVERYDAY. After completion of this started task SMFDUMP, this job in UC4 SHOULD RUN SYDSMF16 job should run. 

-Can we add dependency SMFDUMP started task for this SYDSMF16 job created in UC4. T
hat means once SMFDUMP started task completed, UC4 job SYDSMF16 should execute.


If you've come across this requirement before or need further information, we'd love to hear your input. Thanks for your time!