Adding new people to the Partner Contact list

Discussion created by Malik_Abdul_8942 on Aug 29, 2017


How do you add new people to the partner contact list


In order to add new people to the Partner Contact list you need to do the following steps: 
1) Click on the following link it will take you to Automic Customer Portal page 
2) Under the sign-in form you will see the "New User?" which is general form for new user registration 
3) Click on the"New User?" 
4) Fill out all the required information for the people you want to add in the Partner Contact drop-down list 
5) It will generate a request every time new person is registered, and our Tech Support Managers will have to approve it 
6) Once we approve it, it will appear the drop-down 
7)Once you create new Users in Customer portal, please notify me. It usually takes 24 or so hours for such requests to be approved.