SQL Query, all 'active' job of a workflow+its sub workflow

Discussion created by Luu_Le_185 on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by AmarnathReddy604762
Hi All,

I thought I ask and see if anyone here already have a query that does the follow:  List any task under a specific workflow that are still in an 'active' status.  (before duplicating effort  ;) ) 

For example:

So in this example, I would look for the "JOBP.ABC" and see if any subflow/task under it have an 'active' task.

The reason for this is let say you have a workflow (JOBP.ABC) that have ended_ok but has not deactivated and when you try to deactivate it, it state that there still a task running/active under it.  But assuming you have hundreds  to thousand of task under JOBP.ABC and (many tree layer - subflow to drill down).  It would take some time to look through all, as such I am curious to see if anyone has a SQL already created, that would give you the task under it that are still in an active state.

-AEv10, SQL & Oracle database.