Comparative performance between V12 Thick Client and Web UI

Discussion created by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348 on Sep 11, 2017
Comparative performance between V12 Thick Client and Web UI

We have done some tests in response times for basic actions in Automic V12. 
We see that the performance is much better when using the AWI – rather than thick client. e.g Logon using AWI 4secs / thick client 18 secs, Search AWI 2secs / thick client over 10 secs. 

Can you please confirm: 
- has there been any optimization done for v12 Web client? 

- what could explain the huge difference between the two UIs? 

- do you have comparative benchmarks for Web vs Thick in v12? 

Please refer to attached graph

==>  We did optimized the AWI and We can confirm that AWI will sooner be the only graphical user interface for working with the Automation Engine and The Java UI has been deprecated in v12, and will probably disappear completely in a future release, you can refer to this link to compare feature of JAVA UI and AWI 

==> In  V11,12 we introduce a new java work process (JWP), and the new design of  AWI (former as ECC ) would help to achieve this performance.

==> We also have the same result with testing.