How to Create and Delete Queues

Discussion created by Spencer_Cockrell_39 on Sep 11, 2017
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We've received a few questions regarding this lately, so I wanted to provide a brief overview of how to create and delete Queue objects in Clients. You can do this by performing the following steps:

To Create a Queue:

1) Select "New Object" and then, "Queue" in the Client that you wish to create the new queue in. In the example below, we are creating a queue in the <No Folder> of Client 100:

2) Name your new Queue, and modify its settings appropriately:



3) Set the Queue to "Go," in order to allow jobs to run in the new Queue object:


Your new Queue object should be ready to go in the Client that you create it in, and available for assignment on any jobs/scripts/etc, as required.

To Delete A Queue:

1) I suggest performing a "Search for Use" against the Queue name from the Client it resides within, to ensure that it is not being used in any objects:


2) Once the Queue is ready for deletion, right click on the object itself and select, "Delete" - if the Queue is still in use in other objects, you may see the following message:




I hope that this brief guide is helpful. Please feel free to add any input you have - we'd love to hear from you!