How to have an OEBS job select a parameter value from the SQL statement

Discussion created by Malik_Abdul_8942 on Sep 12, 2017

We have a monthly process that we are trying to automate. One of the jobs in the process has a parameter which uses a date ID (instead of a normal date). We have a sql statement that can grab the ID value for the current month, but we do not know how to have the OEBS job automatically select that value. I will be available for a Webex session from 9am-3pm EST Mon-Fri, or can send the xml for the job in question if needed.

Is it possible to somehow reference the SQL from the Oracle E-Business Suite tab, in the parameter section?

Or if it would be possible to have the SQL statement run in a job and print the result into a variable object? We have been unsuccessful when trying to create a SQLI/SQL object using the statement, but we can get it to run in a job and publish the ID in the job's report file... but then we are not sure how to get it to publish into a VARA object to pull from