Oracle EBS - SOAP Web service Connection object creation issue

Discussion created by Kartheesan_K_9622 on Sep 19, 2017
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I am trying to call Oracle SOA – SOAP web services from Automic tool and facing some issues for connection object creation for SOAP web services

Automic Info:Automic One Automation 2015(AE) , user interface version : 11.2.0+build 2347.

Oracle EBS Info:

·       RDBMS :

·       Oracle Applications : 12.1.3

·       Serer : in-xx-xxxx03

When I try to create connection objects and getting error of “Unknown host” and “connection timed-out “.


FYI. I am able to connect/ping oracle EBS application via Automic VPN. Do we need to configure the Oracle EBS server info in Automic environment or any agent to be installed in Oracle EBS server?