Event Objects causing heavy load

Discussion created by TimOsgood611330 on Sep 19, 2017
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The Problem: There is a lot of load on the system based on events running every minute.  Multiple users have created file events that do first check immediately and look for a file every minute based on an autosys calendar.  Additionally, they have then put the events inside a JOBP (event then file move).  I have been asked to research.

I am still a rookie but my thought is they are using the events incorrectly. 

I think the load is being caused by the following premise: If you create an event it is looking for the file from the start based on calendar setup.  Then if you put it in a JOBP it runs parallel to the stand alone when the JOBP runs, so now you have the JOBP and two events running causing the extra load.  Does that sound reasonable?

I think the solution is to remove the events from the JOBP, increase the Event timer control to 15 minutes and add :SET &ACTOBJ# = ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT(JOBP.DPA.HRIS.KRNPIXTT) to the !Process of the Event.

Any feedback about best practices concerning events and usage would be appreciated.