ServiceNow CMDB Action Pack

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ServiceNow Configuration Item management


This action pack allows you to do basic actions on the CMDB Configuration Items. You can create, update, delete or search for CIs using a selection of fields. Available fields are a selection of the most common fields of the cmdb_ci root table.


The action pack is coming with a pre-defined list of more than 100 CI types. You can add you own custom CI types (cmdb tables) by adding records in the VAR Object PCK_CUSTOM_SERVICENOW_CMDB.VAR.CI_TABLES


You will find a sample workflow in the template folder of the Action Pack that creates a Windows Server, ask the "AUTOMIC" user for the IP Address in order to update the windows server and finally delete the CI.


Pre requisites :

The Action pack use the ServiceNow JSONV2 Rest API and requires the Rest Webservice Agent.


Tested on ServiceNow Istanbul and One automation 12.0

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