How To Load A Permanent License File

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How to Load A License File


Recently, we’ve received a few questions regarding how to go from a temporary license to a permanent license – I thought I’d address the basics of this below:


1)  Start the Program AE DB Load in order to load the new license file.

2)  Navigate to where your new, permanent license file is located.

2a)  This should be labelled with number.txt, such as the example below:


3)  Select the license file and choose, “Open”, then follow the prompts to complete the load of your new license files. No shutdown should be required for this, but you will want to ensure that the licenses you’re receiving are what you expect and need for the environment they’ll be running in before the Load takes place.



If the above steps don’t work or an issue is encountered, please don’t hesitate to raise a ticket with us and provide the latest DB Load utility log, labelled *00.txt and found in the Utility/temp directory (by default) for review and analysis.