Getting Started with the Rest API for Automic v12.1

Discussion created by brendan_sapience_automic on Oct 13, 2017
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If you would like to start using the newly released Rest API for Automic v12.1 or simply test it.. here is what to do:

0- Download Postman
    => It's a Rest API testing tool & is very simple to use
    => you can download it here:
    => it is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and also as a Google Chrome Extension

1- Open Postman and import the 2 files contained in the archive attached to this post
    => One file contains all the Rest call examples for the Automic v12.1 Rest API
    => The other file contains a list of Postman Environment Variables (Port number, URL, etc.)

2- In Postman, click on the "config" wheel and click on "Manage Environments":


3- Adapt the values to your environment (replace aetesthost with the hostname where the engine is installed, replace the client number to your own client, update the Login & Dept, the Password, etc):

4- that's it! now you can go under "_AE_Official" and into either Folders (Search or Executions) and run the actual calls. this will give you working examples to start with. (click on the "Send" button to actually submit a request and see the response from the Automic Engine):


5- Bonus: you can generate code snippets from any of these calls by simply clicking on the "Code" link (right above "Update Request" button). You can pick your scripting or programming language, and Postman will generate a snippet of code for the exact Rest call: